Rihemberk Castle offers a special ambience for weddings in the embrace of its mighty and ancient walls with inspiring views in the midst of pristine nature. Its medieval charm attracts couples who want something different for their vow of love – an open-air wedding away from the usual locations in a unique and authentic environment marked by special stories.

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Birthday parties for children and other celebrations in the natural environment of Rihemberk Castle are truly a special and unforgettable experience. The castle delights young and old alike, and the centuries-old stories hiding in its premises combine with your own to create wonderful new memories. May your celebration have a special castle theme!

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Whether you want to create stronger bonds within your team, meet business partners or organise any other important business event, Rihemberk Castle with its inimitable natural ambience will ensure you have a very special experience.

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The castle hill has been a source of creative energy for millennia and this is now combined with modern creativity. Rihemberk Castle offers an inspiring setting for cultural events and other forms of creativity in an environment that enchants visitors and inspires artists.

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The ancient walls, the mighty castle tower and other mysterious rooms wind back the clock and are an excellent backdrop for recording a themed film. Photographs, advertisements, films and videos recorded on Rihemberk Castle will present your product, idea or message with the scenery of authentic medieval architecture.

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Grajski zidovi so obnovljeni z apneno malto, ki se je tradicionalno uporabljala pri gradnji kamnitih stavb.