The opening season of 2023 at the Rihemberk Castle was varied and full of gatherings with satisfied visitors. It ended victoriously.

Even before we celebrated the ceremonial opening of the castle chapel at the end of April, which was renovated by the owner of the castle, the Municipality of Nova Gorica, we were surprised by a rich spring visit of the castle.

Smaller events with a local market and accompanying program were lined up throughout the season. The most memorable were the Walk of the Two Castles, International Bat Night, Damjana Golavšek’s concert with guests and the BIG band NOVA, weddings in the castle courtyard, Frina’s concert, family treasure hunts with our ladies and knights and all the confessions of individuals who were in the past associated with the castle.

Deepest in our hearts are the visits of numerous groups of schoolchildren, families and businessmen, with whom we have made wonderful stories about the preciousness of the Rihemberk Castle.

It was these stories – the Games of Nobility at the Rihemberk Castle of the Svitar Institute in partnership with the Municipality of Nova Gorica – that awarded us the international BIG SEE Tourism Design Award in the category of Identity as experience.

We would like to thank all partners, guests and Friends of the Rihemberk castle for co-creating a successful 2023 season with us!