Saturday, the 26th of August at 18:30

Lovers of bats and nature are invited to the annual event dedicated to surprising bats!
So far, we have found 12 species of bats at Rihemberk Castle. We protect them inside Natura 2000 areas (Kras and Dolina Branice).

In the family workshop, children and adults will make different origamis of bats.

After the workshop, under the guidance dr. Klemen Koselj we will observe the flight of bats from the castle, while it will be possible to listen to their calls with the echolocation detectors.

Bats Rihemberk

Martin Straube


18:30 Workshop

Making interesting origami bats suitable for bat fans of all ages.

20:00 Watching
Observation of emerging bats and listening of their calls with the detectors.

Free entrance.

Workshop reservations: tel.: 051 201 910.

Svitar in Mestna občina nova Gorica in collaboration with Slovensko društvo za proučevanje in varstvo netopirjev and international

organisation Eurobats.